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Friday, April 16, 2010

Antique dresses found again - an excavation of unearthly beautiful robes

Now here you do have a story which is as mysterious, miraculos and bewitching as can be. At least for lovers of Couture, fabric, beauty and antiques....

A young photographer of a bit over 20 years old cleans up in the old family villa - and finds a trousseau of
14 high fashion robes of his grandmother. This is particulary wonderful - and even more as this young man is the son of Lucchino Visconti and grandson of Carla Erba.

She was a well educated aristrocratic woman of her time , famous for her beauty and her sophistication - and Guido Taroni, her grand son now hung all those robes to various backgrounds of rotten walls, withered painted doors etc.

Filmed them, whilst a breeze brought movement and life back to these long forgotten textile works of art and put this artful little film into Youtube.

Today I found some pictures in the German ELLE which I show you here - try to imagine the detail of embroidery, perles, beads, paillettes..... and take yourself the time to really watch that ca. 10 minutes long film. Twice.

These 14 robes are displayed in an exhibition, which unfortunately for all other countries, does not leave Italy ( yet).


Enjoy !


  1. Too bad they don't make clothing this way today. Tch tch tch! Thank you for sharing these--they're WONDERFUL!

  2. Martina dearest,
    These are EXQUISTE PHOTOS! You have a romantic heart, and I thank you so much for gracing my imagination.....oh, there isn't enough time on the weekends to create all the things I want to!!!

    Merci et bon dimanche! Anita

  3. Dear Martina
    Oh the clothes! Just beautiful.. Thank you for sharing the video. I really enjoyed it. I also would like to thank you for visiting and leaving such kinds words.. I am so happy you enjoyed my painting.. Dear Anita was so kind to share photos with me of her visit to France. It was truly an inspiration.

  4. These are so beautiful. I would love to have a dress like that today. thanks for sharing

  5. Wow! I saw the picture of the purple dress on pinterest and followed the link as I was interested in buying the dress for my wedding rehearsal dinner :) They are all so beautiful and detailed.

  6. Such gorgeous dresses! That's when fashion really was a work of art.


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